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Change Network Password Service

Welcome to the Password Change Service. Here Students, Faculty, and Staff of SSU can change their Network Account password. Network Accounts are initially created for all students, faculty and staff and sponsored based on user access roles, Conditions for Use and campus Policy 5.30. Network Passwords for all users will expire after 90 days of service, and then must be changed for continued access.

Your Network Account provides access to all University-owned computers on campus and Network resources, the SSUnet Wireless Network, and other valued services such as library research databases. This Network Password Change Service is especially helpful when needing to change a password when not on campus.

New Student Account: New students can use this Password Change Service to create their own secure password after the Network Account is initially established, created within 24 hours after completing registration. The initial password created is your date of birth in yyyymmdd format. You will be prompted to change this password on your first logon attempt to the campus Network.

Follow the directions below to change your Network Password now. Your Network Account will continue to be accessible as long as you are enrolled for the current semester.

New Faculty and Staff Account: The creation of a new employee Network Account is initiated by the Department of Human Resources. Once established, new employees will need to visit the UIS Help Desk with a picture ID to reset their one-time password. After this initial visit they will be able to make use of the Password Change Service.

Follow the directions below to change your Network Password now. An employee Network Account will remain accessible during active employment with the University.

For All Active Accounts: To use this Password Change Service, you must already know your old password. For instance, if your password has expired and you are attempting to access research databases or other Network resource, you do not need to come to campus to change a password. Just follow the directions below to change the password and you will have access to the service or Network resource.

IMPORTANT REMINDERS: We recommended that you immediately enroll for the Password Reset features for your, MySSU, and your Network accounts. Once enrolled in this service, it will allow you to reset the passwords for each account - if you forget your password at any time, without needing to visit the Help Desk.

Once you change your Network Password below, you will need to immediately update your mobile devices with the new Password to connect to SSUnet WiFi on campus, and to continue to receive services such as campus email synched to your device(s).

Directions to Change Your Password:

  1. In the field for Network Username please enter your username.

    1. For students: Your username is your last name + first name initial (include any associated number that may be required). For example, Teresa Smith will be

    2. For faculty and staff: Enter your first name initial followed by your last name. For example, David Brown would enter dbrown. DO NOT type a domain such as

  2. In the field for Current Password please enter your current password. Then complete New/Confirm fields and click on Change Network Password. Please remember passwords must be at least eight (8) characters long and the password can only be changed once in a 24-hour period.

 Change Password